Quality Processes

Quality Processes

ISO 9001:2008

IS0 9001 is a quality management system that shows the consistency with internationally accepted applications and specified standards. It offers a frame that a good number of managements use globally so as to put forward best experiences and increase total work performance.

Beyond the approach of mutual good judgement in our organization management, this frame also harbors new principles in order for us to meet our present and future customers and shareholders’ needs continuously and in the most proper way possible.

Therefore, ISO 9001 quality management system created a new foundation that competent human resources in accompany with continuously improved proccesses can contribute to the creation of products and services that will meet expectations. Our working module which is reinforced with ISO 9001 has become capable of meeting many necessitities of independent outer control processes at the same time.

Infovas defines “quality” concept as; highlighted characteristic features of professional capability that it puts forward in a way that meets the needs of confidentiality, trust and continuity.

And here continues our quality journey…

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001 information security management system, being valid all over the world, has the authority to guide managements about how to manage their information assets better. ISO 27001 certification determines standards in order to provide protection against information systems based fraud enterprises, cyber attacks and malicious software. As known, weak points regarding data security can lead to access to closed confidential information, their being stolen, being disrupted or being destroyed.

In response to these risks, so that we can make sure to have adequate control and supervision, INFOVAS has undergone ISO 27001 process.

In today’s world, information security has become a priority for everyone considering online or mobile solutions. In every project undertaken, we take our customers’ security expectations as the first priority and integrate effective precautions to our systems. While all steps that decrease risks reinforce control mechanisms against probable threats, they minimize security based risks as well.

These high standards also guide us in terms of supplying security of financial data, intellectual property, customer information and all other vulnerable data.

With respect to ISO 27001 certification and our past experiences, we can meet the high requirements regarding security of customer data that is legal obligation of especially GSM operators.


It is a known fact that particular solutions are available in order to represent and profit corporations’ profits. Taking this delicate requirement into consideration, Infovas has chosen its solution partners concerning taxation legislation and legal issues. The main goal is to be able to get the highest quality counselling service provided we undergo independent supervision process. Our councelor staff includes lawyers, taxmen and senior counselors expert at the remaining matters.

Our work processes are subject to regular examination and supervision, essential practices are also continuously repeated so as to be in harmony with regulator corporations such as BTK and BDDK which business customers can also answer for.


All businesses have to own a schedule regarding emergency cases that could jeopardize their business continuity. Following particular procedures against serious wounding, explosions, flooding, poisoning, electric shock or other risks is of great importance.

It is also known that fast and effective intervention can decrease negative results in probable risky situations. Considering this point, all Infovas personnel are getting regular training concerning Occupational Health and Safety and precautions about this issue are practiced in our office as well.