Instant Messaging Platform

Instant Messaging Platform

INFOVAS presents a chat platform which is able to perform in a synchronized way over web, wap and SMS and to keep the phone numbers secret during messaging process.

Instant Messaging Platform (IMP™)

One of the biggest dilemmas of chat platforms is reluctance of users due to lack of privacy. Those who do not want to submit their phone numbers restrain amount of registered users and expected income. Since SMS are kept on the phone devices and web-based messagges are kept in other platforms, any subscriber did not have an opportunity to follow simultaneously his/her personal messaging traffic, friends list or blocked users over one single platform. In addition to that, no one has the chance to find other people around him/her with SMS tool or without using any smartphones built-in GPS to track the location of others. Instant Messaging Platform was designed to overcome all those difficulties. Registered users can send messages back and forth by using their special alias and without submitting their MSISDNs through IMP™. Receiving user is not able to observe the phone number of sender except he/she would prefer to share it by messaging (text) IMP™ allows its users to include any people to their friends lists or or block them from exchanging messages. Registered users are able to search their message history and blocked users list via web or wap site. IMP™ allows all users to build connection with men or women who live in the same cities and districts. Location based choices are differentiated according their personal preferences. Chat Rooms are allocated to the users in which they can more focus on their interest areas and personal preferences.


IMP™ classifies and put your content in order before sending to target audience in an appropriate format and ensures GSM companies in Turkey to collect fees from subscribers according to ICTA* regulations (*:Information and Communications Technologies Authorities) Infovas will kindly support you with all the information needed about service number assignment and service approval process, and then you can consult with our professional team. Instant Messaging Platform is able to collect money from different sources. Users are charged for usage of services in line with GSM companies policies and ICTA regulations as follows: -Limited messaging offer in exchange of pre-defined amounts (DAILY SUBSCRIPTION) -Charging per each SMS -Monthly charging per messaging packages, such as 250 SMS=x USD, 500 SMS=y USD (Expiration dates of messaging packages can be differentiated)


IMP™ enables our clients to optimize their benefits and to increase expected income level by triggering messages to the users. The Platform allow to trigger special messages like “Notify people who live in the same region” or “Promote a special chat room to users who are already in a similar chat room” in order to better use potential synergies. All benefits of the whole system are reported on IMP™ screens. Instant Messaging Platform prepares and submits a flexible and user-friendly chat platform to its users. It’s a most appropriate solution to keep profitability high by analizing users data and usage tendencies.