INFOVAS provides services beyond standart voice calls and fax transmissions and adds a value to the standart service which has already provided by the GSM operator itself. Nowadays, worldwide GSM operators has a great demand for outsourcing the value added services such as voice vas (including business/marketing, entertainment and adult content services), SMS / MMS vas (including weather, sports, financial news, up to date news, etc.) and vas ordered via wap (which is also known as wap push and includes cinema locations, pharmacy duty schedule, etc.); for this reason INFOVAS is established to provide the required services with its sophisticated content provider team and fully equipped software development team with a wide range of know-how on computer science.

On the contrary, INFOVAS is also experienced and specialized on ecommerce and search engine optimization as well as establishing web sites related to e-bussiness with its all technical aspects and gives consulting to end clients and their advertising and PR agencies for carrying their bussiness on a virtual basis.

On the other hand we are observing the habits of the end users and adding our know-how on the customer behaviorus for offering our clients (mainly the GSM operators) a lifestyle spectrum of services including business, marketing, entertainment, sports and end user satisfactory content which are fulfilling the requirements and demands.

INFOVAS understands that the end user is using internet and mobile services in the mean time so that we are integrating them in order to offer a full package of services. Also we have tight reporting procedures such as real time statistics and continually look on the big picture to ensure that we meet the market needs as they change.

Fields of Activity

- Mobile Platform Development : It develops integrated mobile platforms for different areas such as entertainment, marketing and informing.

- Integration: It performs integration tasks of the present products and constructions.

- Support Services : It provides technical and Call Center support for live systems.

- Content Services:  It supplies and generates content for VAS and web environment.