Call Completion Services

Call Completion Services

One of the biggest problems Telecommunication services subscribers have is that they do not know exactly when to call following the number they have called is out of scope or closed. At the same time, it also poses a problem when subscribers cannot see who called them while they could not be reached through their mobile phones. In situations when people cannot reach each other, in addition to the revenue loss caused by that the potential calls could not be realized, subscribers end up thinking they are not being offered a good quality service. In addition to these; that a subscriber cannot reach the service in case of emergency due to lack of balance is directly related to customer satisfaction and can be turned into opportunity to provide side income for any operator. MISSED CALL PLATFORM, a solution by INFOVAS provides information flow both to those called and could not reach a certain number and to those who have been called and could not be reached at a specific time. MISSED CALL PLATFORM consists of two modules.


Servisine abone olan kullanıcı, arayıp da ulaşamadığı kişiler telefonlarını açtığı anda ya da artık ulaşılabilir oldukları anda telefonuna bu konuda onu bilgilendiren bir mesaj geliyor. A user who is a subscriber of this service gets a notification message when the person they have called and could not reach is reachable. Example message: You can now reach the subscriber with 05xxxxxxxxx telephone number which you called on 12.08.2014 at 15:00 and could not reach. Besides, in order to respect people’s special preferances as to not sharing their reachability status with specific people or everyone, subscribers are given the right to be able to ban such a notification flow. In this way, by respecting customers’ demands, the problems that they may experience can be prevented.


People who subscribe to the service WHO CALLED YOU get notifications about the numbers that tried to reach them when their phones were closed or they were out of coverage area as soon as they turn their phones on. The message sent to these subscribers is as follows: The numbers that caled you are 05439876543 13:48, 05439876543 14:12, 05459086511 15:05 These services work as instutions that provide telecommunication service send ‘reachability’ information that belongs to numbers from platforms adjusted to specific parameters to MISSED CALL PLATFORM (MSP™). Thanks to this, the institution connecting this platform is given the opportunity tos pare minimum development and employee/day cost.


Subscribers of Missed Call Platform can be charged on a monthly or weekly basis. Thanks to Missed Call Platform, telecommunication firms can increase both their call incomes and customer satisfaction by supplying a service that will benefit their customers a great deal. RING AND CLOSE In the editing formed for the user that subscribes to this service, the subscriber who runs out of balance can demand a reply to his call from a B person he chooses and the call is realized by the call cost being reflected on B’s bill. REMAINING BALANCE Subscribers of this service can get notification about their remaining balance after each call they make via a short message, through which ease of use is ensured for users. GIFT CALL A subscriber with no remaining balance can ask a B person to reply his call and the call is made by reflecting the call cost on the bill of B person. As a result, subscribers are provided help when necessary and customer satisfaction is reinforced. Also, the operator increases its revenue by increasing the number of phone calls realized. GIFT SMS This service enables a subscriber with no balance to be able to ask for a gift SMS from a B person, after which the user can send an SMS and B person is charged for this messaging. Thanks to this feature, the user is provided help when necessary and customer satisfaction is strengthened as a result. Operators also gain considerably as many potential SMS’s are actualized through such a service and their revenue rises. GIFT DATA This service enables a subscriber with no balance to be able to ask for gift DATA from a B person. In this way, the subscriber can use DATA and B person is charged for such use. As a result, subscribers are provided help when necessary and customer satisfaction is reinforced naturally. Operators also gain from such a service as potential use of DATA is actualized and their revenue rises. VOICE MAIL The present voice mail services in GSM operators are dependent on only voice revenue system. In the service model VOICE MAIL service offers, service revenue will be provided in addition to the present voice revenue. Also, users who benefit from the service will be supplied with great conveniences.